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In 1952, Larry Godwin Sr. founded Larry’s Sausage Company with a passion for crafting top-quality, whole hog sausage. Today, after more than 70 years, Larry’s Sausage offers a diverse range of flavor profiles and sizes, reaching customers nationwide through food service chains, military installations, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and esteemed restaurants in North Carolina.

Guided by the leadership of CEO and Co-Owners Dan and Sheila Abe, along with a committed team of employees, Larry’s Sausage has achieved widespread acclaim for its premium taste. This success has not only solidified the brand’s reputation but also enhanced Fayetteville’s prominence in the realm of sausage production.

Whether your preference lies in country-style patties or fresh sausage links, Larry’s Sausage ensures a premium flavor that enhances any meal. The dedication to crafting “whole hog” sausages guarantees the use of superior pork cuts rather than trimmings in every product. With USDA inspection certification, the operation’s quality and cleanliness are assured and certified.

With a remarkable legacy of over 70 years in the industry, customers continue to place their trust in Larry’s Sausage—an affirmation of the enduring quality and excellence synonymous with this third-generation, family-owned brand.

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At Larry's Sausage Company, our mission is to craft premium sausages while upholding the values of family, quality, and strong customer relationships. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products that bring people together, ensuring that every bite reflects our commitment to excellence and the importance we place on the bonds we share with our customers.

Larry Godwin Senior, 1962