About Larry's

Larry Godwin Sr. founded Larry’s Sausage in 1952 out of a desire to produce top quality, whole hog sausage right here in Fayetteville. Sixty years later, Larry’s Sausage patties and links are available in a variety of flavor profiles and sizes and are sold nationwide through food service chains, military installations, healthcare facilities, schools and universities and, of course, in many of North Carolina’s finest restaurants.

With CEO and Co-Owner Sheila Abe, Larry Godwin and the company’s hard working and loyal employees have made Larry’s Sausage a product sought far and wide and renowned for its premium taste — and they've put Fayetteville on the sausage map in the process.

Whether you prefer country-style patties or fresh sausage links, Larry’s Sausage has the premium flavor that will truly make your meal. Producing “whole hog” sausages means that they use premium cuts of pork instead of trimmings in each of the sausages. Being USDA inspected means that the quality of the products and the cleanliness of the operation are guaranteed and certified by US Government Inspection.

Larry Godwin has always believed in Larry’s Sausage enough to put his own name on the label — and 60 years in business mean that customers believe in Larry’s Sausage, too.

Larry Godwin, Founder/Owner and Sheila Abe, CEO/Owner